Choosing the Best Hunting Camouflage Accessories

In the sport of hunting today camouflage accessories are a must, but there are so many different brands and manufacturers out there that the choices can be daunting. To help with that difficult task we will quickly summarize the 5 best brands in the market today.Realtree came on to the market as the first true photo realistic camouflage pattern in the mid 80s. Since then they have become the leader in tree replication patterns. They produce a fantastic array of products ranging from weapon covers to entire vehicle patterns and everything in between.Mossy Oak is the second leading pattern innovator. They started with a pattern designed to reproduce the effect of a bag of leaves and have expanded to be the leader in 3D camo patterns. All of their patterns are designed to replicate the full environment around the hunter and tend to have a more complex overall look when compared to the Realtree bark designs.Arctic Shield actually uses patterns from both Realtree and Mossy Oak but sets themselves apart in another way. All of their clothing items feature their exclusive RE-tain thermal insulation materials. This makes them the best choice for anyone who is planning on hunting in extreme environments such as Alaska or northern Canada.Whitewater is another company that uses licensed patterns from Realtree and Mossy Oak. What sets them apart is the patented scent blocker technology built into all their clothing and clothing accessories. Many hunters swear by this and consider it a far superior method of scent masking than using sprays or other methods.Walls clothing and accessories come in a wide selection of patterns that include 3D realistic patterns as well as more traditional woodland patterns as well as the digital patterns favored by the military. The best advantage of Walls is the wide selection of prices and great availability through retail as well as online sources.