Pets Enhance Human Lives

There are extremely powerful benefits living with pets. That explains why the number of pet owners keeps increasing until now they have reached 69.1 million people in the United States, ranging from childhood through the elderly. One benefit to man I see is that the dog in my home is a dependable, loyal companion. The dog loves man without judgment. This aspect is unconditional love in human life. Pets love man unconditionally. They fill a void when children do not exist in the home with their personalities. A feeling of safety is provided by a dog’s presence. Hearing and sight are keener for pets than in man, so their presence of a stranger can trigger barking as a warning. Dog owners from childhood to the disabled, blind, or elderly benefit .Families grow better children when they have a pet. Taking care of feeding and cleaning up after their pet teaches them responsibility animal behavior and about death. Children must learn gentleness, kindness, and patience. Children develop higher self-esteem and improved social skills. Pets teach how to respect other living things. Pets in the family encourage more physical activity in children, thus boosting their immune systems. Higher immune systems cause better school attendance. Pets help the children to develop better non-verbal communication skills. Pets are safe, reliable confidants to children. These factors cause children to grow up as better human beings.Pets help you have better health in the following ways. Pets reduce stress and control high blood pressure. Pets motivate owners to owners to be more active and spend more time outside. Pet owners visit the doctor less, since they have a stronger heart muscle, improving circulation. Pet owners have a greater well-being and feel less depression. Pets allow the disabled, blind person to live independently. Pets allow the elderly to be more independent and the handicapped to overcome.